• PH10 Outdoor Rental 1/2 Scan LED Screen 960×960mm : #OFSE10-E

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  • 960×960mm Outdoor Rental LED Display Video

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    PH10 Outdoor Rental LED Display

    Certainly the best option for outdoor advertising, this rental LED display carries some features that make it highly suitable for outdoor areas. Can work in different brightness level and outdoor circumstances. Can be used at stage, bank, promotion, exhibition, station, KTV, stadium, airport and other outdoor places.

    PH10 Outdoor Rental 1/2 Scan LED Screen
    PH10 Outdoor Rental 1/2 Scan LED Screen

    High Brightness, Better Quality

    Installing at outdoor places require the displays to produce high brightness outputs. The high brightness and high definition features of the Flexible LED Screen for Stage ensures great quality pictures - making it a perfect fit for stage, banks, highways, promotion, station, stadium and other outdoor places.

    Standard Cabinet Dimensions

    The ultra-lightweight cabinet made is aluminum-magnesium alloy which gives it extra strength. The cabinet of Lightweight LED Screen for Show is designed with perfection, making it really easy to install. Also, the quick-lock feature requires no technical skills to install and uninstall.

    Standard Cabinet Dimensions
    Integrated Design, Fast Installation

    Integrated Design, Fast Installation

    The thin size and ultra-lightweight modules makes it easy to carry, transport and install. You hardly need any specialized tools or skills to install it. Everything is inbuilt, and it can be installed within a few minutes using simple screw-driver.

    IFP Conditions

    One: 1/10 Duty Cycle.

    Two: 0.1 msec Pulse Width.

    IFP Conditions
    Electrical/Optical characteristics

    Electrical/Optical characteristics

    One: Tolerance of measurement of Vf is ±0.05 V.

    Two: Luminous Intensity Measurement allowance is ± 10%.

    Three: Color Coordinates Measurement allowance is ± 1nm.

    Great Outdoor Performance

    The displays are created for supreme quality outdoor performance, and it delivers the same with perfection. See pictures, videos, text and much more with every detail. The high resolution display offers picture-perfect outputs in outdoor areas - in any environment conditions.

    PH10 Outdoor Rental 1/2 Scan LED Screen
    Seamless Splice

    Seamless Splice

    The rental LED Screen for Stage can be installed within minutes, without any special tools. You may configure the Flexible LED Screen for Stage as per your requirements and choice. Adjust the brightness, gray scale and picture quality as per your choice. Advanced adjustment options allow you to set up the display as per the environment conditions and area of installation.

    Better Protection

    The display features a Front IP66 waterproof grade which protects the display from any damage. A dedicated guard prevents the screen from any damage and environmental effects. The screen will remain harmless in every condition and in every weather.

    PH10 Outdoor Rental 1/2 Scan LED Screen
    Functional installation

    Functional installation

    It can adopt hanging, floor standing, back structure confirm installation etc.

    Silence Operation - Low Power Consumption

    The rental LED Screen for Stage is known for its silence operation and low power consumption. It is also known for fast heat dissipation which will save more energy. Cut on the electricity expenses and help environment with this highly advanced advertising display.

    PH10 Outdoor Rental 1/2 Scan LED Screen
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    The LED Screen can be used for many purposes and at many places. It can be used for advertisement, banner display, demonstration, video displays, educational purposes and much more. You may use it at outdoor areas like highways, streets, malls, stages, stadium and at many more outdoor places.

    OptoKingdom Led module process
    OptoKingdom Installation procedure of outdoor Rental led screen
    OptoKingdom Installation procedure of outdoor Rental led display

    One price for all

    In single price, you get the complete kit which includes the LED display, cabinet, control system and package. It saves you a lot of money. Also, we replace the faulty accessories without any cost if your product is in warranty period.

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    Our Company Building

    Our company is built on values, and those values reflect from our product quality, support service and customer care. Have a look at our company building. This is the place where we create best quality product that have passed certifications like CE, FCC, RoSH and SGS and many more.

    Best Quality Guaranteed

    Quality is the word we live by. Our "Quality Management, Continual Improvement, Excellent Service, Quick Response" are strictly followed throughout the process. Our products have passed many certifications including CE, FCC, RoSH and SGS certification and many more. So you may always rest assured about best quality products.

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    OptoKingdom After Sale Service

    Best After sale service

    If your rental LED Screen for Stage is defected and is in warranty period, we offer you free accessories for the product. Whenever you need us, we are always there for you. Our support staff is more than willing to assist you for any query or concern. Feel free to contact us any time.

    Fastest Delivery and Best Online Services

    OptoKingdom provides best online services to the customers, and we are always ready to assist you when you need us. Also, we take great care of the safety of the products. Our company is located just five-minute drive from airport and port. We work with the leading logistics who ensure fastest and safest delivery of your products.

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