• PH7.8125-15.625 Outdoor led curtain display 500×1000mm : #OSSD7.81

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  • Customized design

    PH7.8125-15.625 outdoor led display curtain display suitable for different facade of the buildings; it can be customized according to the shape of building and integration with the wall.

    PH7.8125-15.62 outdoor led display curtain display

    Front and rear maintain are available

    Very easy installation and maintenance, ultra-slim frame structure can achieve front and rear maintain according to the using environment which can save a lot maintain cost.

    Light weight and thin

    Led curtain display thickness is only 70mm, 2cm thickness of front maintain structure, 18kg/sqm of led curtain display which lighter 30-60% to the traditional led display. Reduce the construction load efficiency and reduce installation costs.

    optokingdom PH7.8125-15.625 Light weight and thin

    High transparency

    LED curtain display with ventilation, light transmission design, to achieve led display and the air natural convection cooling, anti-typhoon and fireproof.

    Integrated design

    Led curtain display adopted integrated, modular design achieve module or cabinet assemble and disassemble function.

    optokingdom PH7.8125-15.625 Integrated design
    optokingdom PH7.8125-15.625 Strong resistance to harsh using environment

    Strong resistance to harsh using environment

    Aluminum alloy cabinet structure with high strength, no deformation, anti-corrosion characteristic. Adapt to a variety of climatic conditions, especially high temperature, high humidity environment.

    Energy saving and environment friendly

    Led curtain display adopted high efficiency LED, it's brightness over 7000CD. Energy saving and environment friendly design is very suitable for high temperature area without cooling by air conditioner.

    optokingdom PH7.8125-15.625 Energy saving and environment friendly
    optokingdom Low failure rate,Good stability

    Low failure rate,Good stability

    There are less internal cables in led curtain display which can reduce the failure rate and improve the anti-fire rate. Led curtain display adopted two plug design, simplify cable connection,lower signal and power supply malfunction.

    Compare with traditional led screen on roof

    Outdoor SMD led curtain display suitable used in the places with strong wind Ultra-Lightweight structure and anti-wind feature ensure its safety even in typhoon weather. The safety of traditional led display in typhoon weather is not good enough.

    optokingdom Compare with traditional led screen on roof
    optokingdom Compare with normal led display installed on external wall

    Compare with normal led display installed on external wall

    Led curtain led display not only features lightweight structure but also has beautiful appearance which can be installed on the wall without any change. The weight of normal led display is heavy which need to change the wall structure to support it.

    Install on building external glass wall

    Architectural contour and wall structure does not to be changed due to its lightweight and hollow design. It is also good for lighting. Normal led display screen need to make install structure and will break the structure of building.

    PH7.8125-15.62 Install on building external glass wall
    PH7.8125-15.62Compare with outdoor advertising screen

    Compare with outdoor advertising screen

    Outdoor SMD curtain display can be installed directly on original structure and fast set up. Traditional normal outdoor display need to make extra steel structure to fixed which will cost you more on structure.


    Led curtain display is suitable for high temperature, typhoon area, high building roof, glass wall, stadium, shipping center, five-star hotel, flyover etc.

    optokingdom PH7.81-12.5 outdoor SMD curtain display
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